Western Is In. (Part 1)

Western Is In. (Part 1)

Posted by Whitney Benton on 24th Jul 2017

Take a moment and close your eyes. Now envision with me an old cowboy's life out in the "old west". (And no, I don't mean the latest western-fashion crazed issue by Vogue Magazine.) I'm talking about true grit and Gus shaped hats. Cowboys and Indians out running 'neath that red soaked sky. Chuckwagon, campfires and gunslingers too! 

I think we can all relate to and understand the fascination with that old western lifestyle--and that seems to ring more true now than ever! Whether you're custom building a new felt hat, swapping out those skinnies for a vintage pair of Levi's or maybe trading in those heels for some killer new kicks, "western" is in.

For those of you not ready to completely forfeit that sequin filled wardrobe then you're in luck--these new t-shirt designs by the Ali Dee Collection have perfectly captured the spirit of the old west in some great new graphic designs, sure to please that old soul and city-driven gal too!

Whitney Benton | Ali Dee Stylist | Western Couture | @westerncouture 

Photography by Tyra Drager @tyra.drager