Trucks, Cowboys & Country Music Tee

Posted by Ali Dee on 14th Jan 2016

Howdy! I guess I should introduce myself, Im  Ali Dee, a musician and the founder and designer of Ali Dee Collection, a fashion brand based in the great state of Texas. We cater to gals across this great nation of ours that like to have fun and unique items in their wardrobe. From dressing up for a night on the town, to mucking stalls in rubber boots, its always been important to me that we have a little something for everyone. Oh, and the items must be versatile, comfortable, cozy, and did I say COMFORTABLE? Good! Because that is super important to me. No one wants to wear a crappy-feeling shirt all day right? 

I have always felt fashion can really say something about who you are inside, and it's a very individualized thing. Some people like zebra print, some like leopard print, and some people prefer to make their claim, loud and clear, in the form of a few words, which is where WE got started. And so I gave birth to my first t-shirt child which included three simple words:

Trucks, Cowboys &, Country Music

Trucks, Cowboys, and Country Music from Ali Dee

I guess its true what they say that the first born is pretty special (Do they say that or did I make that up?) This little number along with other simple statement tees created a movement in the land of graphic tees. In a world full of swirly, busy, tees out there, we went out on a limb and went for very, very, simple and straightforward. I wanted someone across the bar, or restaurant, or classroom from you to be able to read your shirt, and know a little something about you.

Cowboy Take Me Away from Ali Dee Collection

Meet baby number 2:

Cowboy Take Me Away

LOOK HOW LOVELY! And Simple. One beautiful silver color popping off a midnight black cozy, soft, COMFORTABLE tee, with a few simple words can really say a lot right? Can you see a trend here? I love everything "country and western" and have always been fascinated with western culture. (more on that later)

So thats the basics of our first born and its little t-shirt siblings. Check em out, we still sell one zillion of these little darlings even almost 2 years later.


Ali Dee