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Posted by Sally Kader on 6th Apr 2018

Glitter Unicorn Case

The history of the unicorn is definitely an interesting one. Not familiar with the subject? Lucky for you, I know a lot about the history of unicorns, because that’s just the kind of person that I am.

In ancient times, so many people told stories of unicorns living in far away lands that it was not uncommon to believe that the existence of unicorns was legitimate. Many ancient written collections of animals have included the unicorn, often describing the animal as strong and solitary.

Vintage Rockies

Zoe Tee

The horns of unicorns were highly sought after because there was a popular belief that they had the power to heal and purify. The white, spiraled tusks of male narwhals, horns of the oryx, and even rhinoceros horns have all been passed off as unicorn horns. This is also the reason some people believe that the horn of a rhinoceros can be used as an aphrodisiac (spoiler: It doesn’t work).

Throughout the years, there have been false sightings of unicorns where the animal in question turned out to be a deer, an oryx, a rhinoceros, and sometimes even an elephant.

There’s also a legend that says when unicorns weren’t able to make it onto Noah’s ark, they evolved into narwhals.

But real or not, we here at Ali Dee Brand are big fans. Add some magic to your wardrobe at