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Believing In Unicorns

Posted by Raquel Lynn on

Believing In Unicorns

 I always like to say, “It’s better to believe in unicorns than nothing at all.”

The Makin’ Magic Happen Choker Tank from Ali Dee is a perfect reminder to go out there and make things happen and believe in magic. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily work grind and not think about our dreams enough. Everyone needs at least one unicorn accessory in their wardrobe. This tank top is my new favorite piece!

I’m wearing the tank top with my brand new unicorn, HH Indys Nu Daisy. After over five months of searching for the “perfect” horse, I finally found her. This tank top and horse came to me in the same week, so it’s naturally my favorite shirt to wear with her.

I paired my tank top with the Boho Floppy Hat to dress up the look. Just add denim and your favorite pair of boots for a casual and cute outfit. 

Raquel Lynn | Horses & Heels | Ali Dee Stylist

Insta: @horsesandheels_ 


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